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Shopify New Online Shopping Expansion Partnership With Google: Here is What It Means For Dropshippers
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Shopify New Online Shopping Expansion Partnership With Google: Here is What It Means For Dropshippers

If you are a Shopify merchant or dropshipper, you can very soon list your products across Google advertising platforms seemlessly with just a few clicks. This is the result of a newly announced Online Shopping Expansion Partnership between Google and Shopify. Here is what this partnership entails for Online Shops powered by Shopify, and the full extent of the new deal.

Google partners with Shopify on online shopping expansion

Google announed the partnership this May during Google’s I/O Developer event Shopify giving its 1.7 million merchants the ability to reach consumers through Google Search and other services like Maps, Images, Lens and YouTube. With this transaction, Shopify adds over 1.7 million online businesses to the Google platforms. Google will give them the ability to sell products across Google's online shopping ecosystem. That essentially means Shopify eCommerce merchants can now use Google Shopping for free (really for free). Google changed its Shopping tab last year to show more algorithmically ranked results rather than paid ads. The integration will allow customers to sign up in just a few clicks for their products to appear across Google’s billion “shopping journeys” every day on these platforms.

Google Shopping Graph

With all the data gathered from Google Shopping the company has been able to develop this next highlight from I/O, the Shopping Graph. Google Shopping Graph technology This tool is a real-time dataset that connects users with over 24 billion listings and helps them find products available to buy right now. The graph not only has information on inventory levels but also merchants just like how many people in your area have searched for something or bought it recently!

This is also where the cooperation with Shopify comes into play, as Google needs as many shop owners as possible to improve the technology. Though this integration does not guarantee that every Shopify storefront will be listed on Google — merchants must take action to make that happen. It is beyond doubt an opportunity to sign up to this new technology, which can bring more traffic and customers to your shop through new channels.

Shopify Pay Integration Partnership

Shopify and Google Deepen their Partnership with the new Shop Pay integration in Google.

After the summit, Shopify also announced it is expanding its e-commerce company’s accelerated checkout solution to Google. The expansion will allow merchants that enable Google's native checkout feature (Buy on Google) to offer Shop Pay as a another option for quicker transactions and easier purchasing decisions. Shopify extended on the benefits of this partnership. The company official communication said that “By extending Shop Pay to Google, we’re giving even more merchants — and consumers — access to industry-leading order tracking and carbon offset deliveries. And with a conversion rate that is 1.72 times higher than a typical checkout, Shop Pay better equips independent merchants to convert the discovery potential of Google into sales.”

Shopify pay manages payments for small to medium sized businesses who are looking for an easy way to build their e-commerce business without having any difficulty in managing financial transactions or making sure they're compliant when it comes down to chargebacks. The app itself makes use of stripe as its preferred credit card processing service which means you never have worry about running into issues like fraud prevention. Dropshippers and E-commerce shops can attempt to leverage this new technology to improve their buyer's journey and -ultimately- optimize conversions.

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